The Solar Temple was formed by a father and son team after discovering their mutual love for heavy music. inspired by the incredible and overwhelming waves of sounds and lyrics, they realized this music could be enjoyed across all generational gaps. Fueled by their passion for the underground music scene and their diehard affinity for the metal, hardcore, punk and intense alternative music genres. the duo embarked on a mission to bring heavy music to the masses.

Before the formation of Solar Temple. Dad attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston on a scholarship. Upon completion, he journeyed to New York to work in the studio and tour with a wide array of well-known artists such as Bill Laswell, Patliament Funkadelic, Ginger Baker, Al B Sure, Crowmags, Bad Brains, Jonas Hellborg of the Mavishnu Orchstra, Primus, Limbo Manics, Bucket Head and many more. After a successful stint with so many great artist, Dad went on to form his own band, Slavemaster, in 1994 on the Ryco disk label. The album Under The Six turned out to be a classic in the underground hardcore music scene.

After building Slavemaster's legendary reputation , Dad moved to Houston and made a decision to retire from music in pursuit of a family life. Upon teaching his son to play guitar, father and son realized a mutual love of heavy music bands. Greats like Crowbar, Goatsnake, Slipknot, Lamp of God, Black Label Society, among others were enjoyed by the pair for hours They jamed out constantly, and as one thing lead to another, the guitars got more expensive , the amps got bigger, the music got heavier , the dreads grew wilder and the goatee got oranger until finally, the construction of the Solar Temple was complete!

Since 2011, Solar Temple has comtinued to descend on the underground music scene, playing shows and steadily gaining a devoted fan base. This father and son dou brings together old and new, fused as one sound that closes generational gaps and joins fans and newcomers alike. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Crowmags, Bad Brains, Black Label Society, Pantera,  Slipknot and others. you can expect earth-shattering. mind-numbing music that will invigorate and enlighted you. 

The Solar Temple sound is unlike anything  you've heard before. It's for the true music fans, no matter the age , creed or conviction.